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GPA Endorses CCS

Dear GPA Family -


We know that the surprise of last week’s announcement is still fresh in your mind as you have no-doubt been deciding how to move forward in the near future and long term. As the news of GPA closing spread, many groups reached out to us with interest in everything from working with GPA customers to buying equipment and software. While servicing our customers and honoring the tight timeline laid out for our closing, we have looked at many of these offerings in hopes that we could give some guidance to each of you.


At this time, we have decided to share some of the information we have learned as a service to you, with the understanding that you can certainly choose your own path. But one group has given the most clear and detailed set of options and we believe you would be well-served by listening to their offer.


Candid Color Systems (CCS) has been a successful professional lab for over 40 years. They, too, have tools and products specialized for sports, but they also have tools and services for schools, graduations, seniors, special events and more. 


CCS has systems in place today to accept order forms that are scanned or mailed and enter these orders on behalf of customers. But even more important for the future, they have systems that GPA customers could eventually transition to that virtually eliminate paper forms and labor. Their ability to offer you a touch-free ecommerce workflow could be the perfect solution during Covid. These methods can save and reinvigorate some jobs and allow GPA customers to scale their businesses profitably. As the effects of the pandemic linger on and even surge in some communities, CCS’ ability to affordably offer online orders before, during or after a shoot and ship directly to the buyer will allow many to execute jobs that could not always happen in a paper world.


Their free PhotoMatch™ program is an industry leading tool that has proven to allow photographers to do more work with less labor. They also offer a patented Virtual Group option for those who are still unable to take traditional team pictures due to Covid. CCS also specializes in handling and shipping orders very economically to buyers and allows photographers to profit from this service.


The fact that CCS has a completely integrated offering, from software, art and production to shipping and reporting, makes them an appealing partner that eliminates the need to source services from multiple vendors. And when looking at their offerings, which involve online orders and ship-to-buyer, their pricing becomes more competitive than what GPA could offer.


CCS has offered to lay out the options they can offer to GPA customers in several ways and to go over the economics of using their services. They will be offering webinars for GPA customers on these two dates:

Tuesday, August 10th at 1:30pm CentralRegister Here

Thursday, August 12th at 10:30am CentralRegister Here


You can also sign up for an account online. Visit and click Contact Us. Then complete the "Send Us A Message" form at the bottom of the page. We are told that account applications will receive a reply call in 24 hours or less.


Again, GPA wishes that we had been able to continue as your partner, but we are working diligently to wrap up work in the timeline stated and wanted to leave you with advice for a partner for the future that has been researched and vetted. 


With our sincerest best wishes for your future success, 




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